How to Export an Accounting Export

Want to import data into an external accounting software? View this step-by-step guide to transfer data from Passare into Quickbooks, Sage, GreatPlains or your accounting software of choice!

Exporting Accounting Exports:

At the top right of your screen, go to System > Reports.


Select System Reports from the left sidebar, type the name of the report you'd like to run in the search box and click the name of the report.

A box will appear for you to specify your report details. If you don't see your accounting exports, please give us a call! We'll be happy to get it set up for you. 

Basic Filters

Branch: The system will default to all locations, but you can run separate reports per location if you'd like.

Basic Filter

Run Your Report

Report Format: Leave this box checked. For QuickBooks, it will always be IIF (Intuit Interchange Format). For General Accounting reports, it will say Excel.

Delivery Method: Select if you'd like the report to be sent via email, sent to the Download Center, or both.

Date Range, Start Date, and End Date: The report will run everything that was signed or saved as re-signed during this date range. All accounting reports are based on the signing date, and all contracts have to be signed or they won't be added as an export.

For payments, it's based on the date you enter in the payment. If you're concerned you might have unexpected items prior to the start date, check the box next to Export all items up to the end date (ignores the start date).


Run Your Report


Added To Accounting Export: If you have the "Add to Accounting Export" button turned on, on either your Goods & Services or Payments page, you don't have to worry about this. If you're doing this manually, you may want to check one of these boxes depending on what you want in your payments report.

Filter Items to Be Exported: 99% of the time, you'll want to select "Export only unexported items." This means you're only bringing over things that have never been exported from the system before and will ensure you aren't duplicating anything in your accounting software. If you need to re-run a file, select "Export only already-exported items."

Case: If you ever need to export just one specific case, you can do that by clicking "case" and typing in the specific case number.

Preview Export: If you'd like to preview the file before actually running the report, check "Export as a preview," and then click Run Report. Keep in mind, when you have "Export as a preview" checked, it will not flag the items as exported. You'll have to go back in, uncheck this box, and run the file again to complete the export and flag the items as exported from Passare.


If you'd like to save your selections to use again in the future, click Save Configuration. Then you'll be able to select the configuration from the very top of the page.


Schedule to Run Automatically

By clicking the Schedule to Run Automatically > On, you can also schedule this export to run automatically on a certain day and time (for example, every Wednesday at 10 a.m.).



Once you're finished making your selections, click Run Report. The report will then come through via email or the download center (Reports > Download Center), depending on what you requested.


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