How to Edit Case Statuses

Customize case statuses to organize your information, see where your cases are in the process, and run sophisticated reports based on case status and type.

Adding Case Statuses:

To add Case Statuses, click Admin > Organization.

Case Tag 1-1


Select Case Statuses > Add Status.


Create a Status Name and select the Case Type you'd like this status to go under. If you'd like to lock any information when a case is set to this particular status, make sure to click the Actions checkboxes that apply.

Click Save and your case status will appear on the Case Statuses list under the case type tab you requested.

Editing Case Statuses:

To edit a case status, click on the Name of the status you'd like to change. A modal will appear where you can change the Status Name, Case Type or Actions Passare performs on cases with the status. Once you're finished editing, click Save to finalize your changes.

Note: Any changes made will apply to all existing cases.

You can also click and drag the arrows next to each status to change the order they appear on the Case Statuses list.

Deleting Case Statuses:

To delete a Case Status from the main Case Statuses listing (Admin > Organization > Case Statuses), click on the trash can icon. 


Select the status you'd like all cases with the status you're deleting to move to and click Delete.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What's the difference between Case Statuses and Case Tags?

Case Statuses help you to see what stage the case is in, whether it be New, In Progress, or Pending Payment. Because Case Status identifies where it is in the process,  you can only pick one. Tags, however, can get much more detailed about the type of case or where it's coming from. Therefore, you can add as many tags to a case as needed to get accurate reporting.

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