Add Events to the Passare Calendar

Add events in Passare to keep track of services and more. You can even connect your personal calendar to view events in the calendar app you use everyday.

Add an Event in a Case:

There are two ways to add events in Passare.

The first is in a Case under Arrangement > Funeral Options.


Under Add Event choose the type of event.

Select a Date and Start Time

Then Add Event.


If you check the box for Pending Event Date, the event will not appear on your calendar app if the app is connected to Passare.


To connect your personal calendar with Passare see Connect Your Calendar.


Then add additional details and Save!


The event will now appear under Service and on your Passare Calendar. 

Add an Event on the Calendar:

Add events directly to the Passare Calendar by going to System > Calendar.



To add an event select the Date of the event.



A pop-up window will appear.

If it's a Case Related Event, you can select the case from the drop-down.

If it's a Non-case related event, like a Passare training 😉 or a vacation day, you can check the box for Non-Case Related Event.



For a Case Related Event, select the type of event and  Go.


Add the Start Time, End Time, and any other details you'd like, Save!


For a Non-Case Related Event, add the Start Time, End Time, and the Name of the event, and Save.


The events will be color coded by:

Edit Events:

The calendar will show any event that has been added by any user. However, you'll only be able to edit the events you add.

To edit a Non-Case Related Event, select the event in the Calendar.


Make the changes and Save.


To edit a Case Related Event, hover over the event and select the case identifier.


This will take you to the Funeral Options page within the case.

Select the event you'd like to edit, make the changes, and Save.


The updated event will now appear on the Passare calendar and your calendar app if it's connected to Passare.

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