Adjust goods and services for transferred cases

If you transferred cases from your previous system to Passare you've probably noticed that the Contract items come over as Professional Services. The good news is the categories can be adjusted!

Goods & Services page

Find the Case you want to adjust.

Decedent column in Case Listing tab


Once you're in the Case, select Goods & Services from the top menu.

Then select the Hamburger icon next to the search bar.

hamburger icon next to search bar in Goods & Services


The Adjust Goods & Services Details pop-up window will appear.

From here, you can assign categories to each item on the Goods & Services.

  • Select the SFG Section for all Services and Merchandise items. You will NOT need to select a Type if it is a Service or Merchandise item.
  • For all Cash Advance and Discounts, the Type should be assigned. You will NOT need to select the SFG Section for Cash Advance and Discounts.
  • The Category column should be filled in for every item.
  • Leave the Cost Per Item as is.
  • Always Save!!

Adjust Goods & Services Details pop-up


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