Copy Cases Between Locations

Save time and copy the First Call, Vital Stats, Obituary, and more to another one of your locations in Passare.

Don't see this feature? Check your Roles & Permissions settings or contact your Passare Admin to get it turned on.

Copy Cases:

This feature can only be used for Organizations that have multiple instances (locations).

Only users that have Copy and Transfer Cases checked under their permission settings can perform this function.


From the Dashboard, find the Case you would like to copy/transfer.

Scroll over and select the Settings Gear Icon.

Then select Copy Case.


Select the Organization and Branch you would like to copy the case to.

We do not suggest checking the box for Delete Existing Case after Transfer at this time.

Select Copy.


Go to the Organization you selected and double-check that the case transfer was successful.

The following is a list of items that will automatically copy over:

✔️ First Call page

✔️ Vital Stats page

✔️ Family & Friends

✔️ Veteran Information

✔️ Disposition

✔️ Funeral Options page

✔️ Tracking page under Care Center

Manual Transfer:

Then the following information will need to be MANUALLY copied over:

✔️Information on the Case Information Sidebar, such as Client Service Type

✔️Case Number (if desired)


✔️Information contained in the Planning Center

✔️Care Center information (except for information on the Tracking page)

✔️Decedent tracking

✔️Goods & Services

✔️Payments & Adjustments

Once you've confirmed the information, you can delete the case from the original organization by going back to the Case Listing.

Select the Settings Gear icon again and  Delete.



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