How to Create a Package

Tired of individually adding each item to the contract? Use packages to add multiple items at once.

Creating a Package:

To create a package, go to Admin > Price Lists.

Note: Editing these options is dependent on your user Roles & Permissions settings.


In the top-right corner, select Add an Item > Package.

Keep in mind: the items you add to a package will need to already be in Passare.


Under Package Details, add a Package Name (this is the only required field in this section).


Under Product Categorization, for the Category, select Packages.

For Goods and Services Section, select Funeral Home Charges.

You will always leave the rest of the fields in this section blank unless the package only needs to appear in a certain branch, then select the branch from the drop-down.


Now you're ready to add items to the package. Select Add an Item (you can add as many items as you need).


From here, select the Category and Item. When you select the category, it will load all of the item options available.


If an item is discretionary, meaning the price and amount can be edited, you can change the price or amount for the package.


Once you have added everything you need, you will see the Package Total at the bottom of the section.

If the total is too high, you can add a Package Discount and edit the amount (always add as a negative amount).


To remove an item, simply select the next to the item.

You can also drag and drop the items so they appear in a specific order on the contract.

We recommend checking the box for Show Item in Quick Adds under Visibility. This will make it easier to find when adding to the contract.  

You can also select the Case and Disposition Types the package will appear.

Note: If you use a disposition type, the type must be selected on a case before the packages will appear.


Make sure to Save!

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