Create a Pre-Need Case

Add Pre-Need cases to easily convert to At-Need at the time of need.

Create a Pre-Need Case:

Select  Create > Pre-Need Case.


Similar to an At-Need case, the First and Last Name are required. Save!


From here, you can add additional information.

Pre-Need Basics, Vital Statistics, Family & Friends, and Veterans Information are the areas most used to capture Pre-need data.



If you add Goods & Services, do not sign the case.

If you sign, the information will appear on your accounting reports.

Signing will happen when the case becomes At-Need. 

Convert Pre-Need to At-Need:

Under the Case Information sidebar, select the At-Need tab.

Check the box for At-Need and Save.

Pre-Need Report:

Run and download the Pre-Need Lead report to find leads from previous At-Need cases.

Go to System > Reports.

Select System Reports and search for Pre-Need Leads from At-Need Families.


Select your Filters and Run Report.

Save Configuration if you want to run the report again in the future.



Need More Information?:

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