Create a trade case

Use Trade Cases to keep track of trade work, including embalming, removals, and cremations.

Create a trade case

To get started, select Create > Trade Case.

Similar to At-Need, the First and Last Name are required. Save!


Select the Trade Business you're using from the drop-down.



If the business is not available, you can add it to your Rolodex.

Select the + sign.


Add the Business Name and Save.

Check the box to Save to Organization Rolodex if this is a business you'll use again.

Add goods and services

If your funeral home is the one providing the trade services, you can add Goods & Services to the contract.


Make sure to Sign so the transaction will appear on your accounting reports.


The Payments will be the same as At-Need except the funeral home (or trade business) will be the Purchaser. 


If the Business does not appear in the drop-down, go to Admin > Rolodex > Find the Trade Business.


Check the box for Purchaser/Payer and Save.

The business will now appear in the Purchaser drop-down.



Continue filling out any additional information.

Need more information?:

Create a Trade Case in the Passare App


Need help? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111.