Create & Print a Receipt

Utilize Passare's receipt feature to provide a record of the payment to the family.

    Create a Receipt:

    In the case select Payments & Adjustments from the Financials drop-down. 


    Select Add Transaction > Add Payments.

    A receipt can also be created for refunds, interest, etc., by selecting a different Transaction type.


    Fill in the information, make sure to complete the required fields: Payment Method, Payment Amount, Payer, and Payment Date.


    If they Payer is not already in Family & Friends, you'll need to add their, First Name, Last Name and Relationship.


    After you've entered all of the information for the payment, Save.

    Your receipt is now created!

    Save and Print Your Receipt:

    The receipt will show in the payment summary on the Payments & Adjustments page.

    Select the gear icon and choose Receipt


    Don't see this feature? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111 to get this feature turned on.



    A copy of the receipt will open in Microsoft Word for you to print as needed.

    Passare automatically saves every payment on the Payments & Adjustments page.

    If you'd like to save a signed version, you can scan a copy of the signed receipt, save to your Desktop, or drag and drop the file from your Desktop into Case Files.


    Adding Signed Receipt-2

    Need More Information?:


    Need Help? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111!