How to Create a Checklist

Stay organized using customized Passare Checklists.

Passare's checklist feature allows you to make to-do lists throughout the platform. You can create different checklists for case types, disposition types, and can adjust who can edit and view the checklist based on your specific needs.

Creating Checklists:

At the top right of your screen, click Admin > Checklists.


Click Add Checklist.


Add a Checklist Name and optional Description and turn your Checklist Visibility "On."


Add tasks by clicking the Add Task button. Click and drag the tasks to reorder them as needed. If you'd like to edit the name of a task, click on the text and make the change. To delete unnecessary tasks, hit the trash can icon.

Add Tasks2

Checklist Settings:

Scroll down to Checklist Settings to decide who can edit the checklist, where it will appear, and what case type(s) it will be associated with.

Checklist Editing

For only internal use, check ONLY "This checklist can be edited by Funeral Home Staff."

Check BOTH options for a checklist you'd like to be viewed and edited by families in the Collaboration Center.

checklist editing

Checklist Recording

Leave this blank and the system will automatically record the name, date, and time of whoever completes this task. We recommend this option unless you'd like to manually input the date and person instead.

Checklist Viewing

Select where you'd like the checklist to show. We suggest always having the checklist appear on the Case's Checklist page. Check additional boxes to have the checklist also appear on the Case Summary, in the Care Center, and/or in the Collaboration Center. You'll only want to check "This checklist should appear in the Collaboration Center" for checklists you'd like the family to see. DON'T check this box for strictly internal lists.

checklist viewing

Appears on Case Type, Disposition Type, and Client Service Type

Choose if you'd like the checklist to appear on certain case type(s), disposition type(s) and/or client service type(s). Keep in mind: you'll need to select the disposition type and client service type for a case before the checklist will appear for that case. Choose "Any, including unassigned" to have the checklist appear on all disposition types and client service types.

After making your selections, click Save. Your checklist is finished!

Commonly Asked Questions:

What types of checklists are there in Passare?

Our three most popular checklist options are: 1) internal checklists (those only the funeral home can see), 2) checklists the family can see and not edit (i.e. death certificate status) and 3) checklists the family can see and edit (i.e. arrangement items checklist). If you use the Care Center, you can also create a checklist for staff working in the Care Center.

Does Passare allow you to edit checklists within a specific case?

Yes! Passare allows you the ability to change and add tasks in a specific case's checklist. See How to View & Edit Checklists Within a Case for more information.

Need More Information?:

How to View & Edit Checklists Within a Case


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