Edit case dates

Quickly edit important dates to ensure information and reports are accurate.

    Case created date

    Open the case you want to edit on the Case Listing Page and select Case Created on the top right of your screen.

    Case Created link


    A box will appear.

    Type the new Case Created Date directly into the date field or select the calendar icon to select the date you'd like to show.


    Case Created pop-up


    Conversions dates

    Using the Case Information sidebar, select the case type date you'd like to change (Pre-Need, Imminent-Need, or At-Need).

    Select the new date > OK > Save.

    Changing Imminent-Need Date gif


    Case type dates will only appear after a case is converted.

    At-need contract dates

    At-Need Contract Dates are set to a default on the back-end of the system.

    To see what your At-Need Contract Date defaults to, hover over the icon.

    In this case, the At-Need Contract Date is set to automatically default to the Case Creation Date.

    information icon to view default


    To manually change an At-Need Contract date, select At-Need Contract Date.

    A box will appear. Enter the new date and Save.

    Contract Date pop-up box



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