Edit Case Dates

Quickly edit important dates to ensure information and reports are accurate.

    Case Created Date:

    Open the case you want to edit on the Case Listing Page and select Case Created on the top right of your screen.


    A box will appear.

    Type the new Case Created Date directly into the date field or select the calendar icon to select the date you'd like to show.



    Conversions Dates:

    Using the Case Information sidebar, select the case type date you'd like to change (Pre-Need, Imminent-Need, or At-Need).

    Select the new date > OK > Save.

    Changing Imminent-Need Date 3


    Case type dates will only appear after a case is converted.

    At-Need Contract Dates:

    At-Need Contract Dates are set to a default on the back-end of the system.

    To see what your At-Need Contract Date defaults to, hover over the icon.

    In this case, the At-Need Contract Date is set to automatically default to the Case Creation Date.


    To manually change an At-Need Contract date, select At-Need Contract Date.

    A box will appear. Enter the new date and Save.



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