Enter and track insurance assignments

Keep track of your insurance assignments, whether they're still pending or you've already received the payment.

    Enter pending insurance assignments:

    Passare's Payments & Adjustments page allows you to input insurance assignment information and view the status of whether or not you've received the payment.

    To begin, open the case and select Payments & Adjustments from the Financials drop-down at the top of your screen.

    Payments & Adjustments under Financials


    Select Add Transaction

    Choose Add Insurance Assignments, or Add Insurance Assignment w/ Growth, whichever applies!

    For this example, we'll select Insurance Assignment w/ Growth.

    Add Transaction button drop-down options



    Select an Insurance Co. from the drop-down.

    If the insurance company is not listed, select the icon to add the company.

    Be sure to check the box next to Save to the Organization Rolodex and Save if you'd like to save the company to the Rolodex for future use.

    plus sign icon to add an insurance company


    Enter the Policy #, Policy Value, Claim # (if available), and Claim Submitted date.

    Since the insurance assignment is pending, be sure to leave the Funds Received On and Check # fields blank and Payment Amount as $0.00.

    Don't complete these fields until the funds come in and you have the check!

    Include a Memo or Add a Beneficiary if you'd like.

    And Save!

    Insurance policy and claim fields


    The insurance assignment will show as Pending on the Payments & Adjustments page. It will not reduce the balance since you haven't received funds yet.

    The contract will automatically reflect that the claim has been submitted, but not received.

    Pending notice under Amount


    Track pending insurance assignments:

    You can track pending insurance assignments easily by creating a filter on the Case Listing page.

    On the Case Listing Page select All Cases > Filter Cases.

    Select Yes next to Insurance Funds Pending > Show in A New Tab, then Save the tab as Pending Insurance Assignments.

    Creating a Filter gif


    Update insurance assignments once funds are received:

    Once you've received funds from a policy, return to the Payments & Adjustments page.

    Payments & Adjustments under Financials


    Select the pending insurance assignment. Include the Total Payment Amount, Amount Applied to the Case, and the Amount Applied to Internal Growth.

    The internal growth will show on your end but won't be listed on the contract, invoice, or balance provided to the family.

    Make sure to also include the Funds Received On and Check or Reference # and Save.

    Insurance payment fields


    This will update the insurance assignment on the Payments & Adjustments page, and the current balance will reflect the amount received.

    If you would like to re-print the contract,it will show the insurance assignment has been received.

    Current balance reflects amount received


    Commonly asked questions:

    Do Accounting exports in Passare include pending insurance assignments?

    No, Passare's Accounting exports only show insurance assignments where a payment has been received. Accounting exports use the "Funds Received On” date, not "Claim Submitted” date.


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