How to Guide Families Through the Collaboration Center

Not sure how to help families with their questions? Learn how to manage the platform from the family's point of view.

Collaboration Invite:

First things first, you may be wondering what the family will receive when you invite them to the Collaboration Center.

Not sure how to invite someone to the Collaboration Center? See: How to Send an Invite to the Collaboration Center.

The invitation will be sent to the email address provided by the family.

All they'll need to do is click "ACCEPT INVITATION."



This will direct them to the login screen where they can set up their account.

Once they've logged in they'll receive a follow-up email with another link to the Collaboration Center. 

Getting Started:

To view, the Collaboration Center you'll have to select the case in Passare.

From the drop-down menu, select Collaboration under the Overview section. Then click View the Collaboration Center.




Once you're in the Collaboration Center, you may be wondering where to begin.

That's a great question!

Often, funeral directors have families start at the beginning with the Loved One's Story.


The Loved Ones Story asks the family questions about the life of their loved one. 

The family's answers can be used to help write the Obituary or provide ideas to customize the Service Preferences.


Once they've completed the questions they'll click Continue to move on.


Service Preferences:

This will take them to Service Preferences, which includes questions about what the service might look like for the family's loved one.

Their answers can also help you offer insights to the family for personalizing the service during the arrangement.


Once they hit Continue, they'll scroll to the top and select Biographical Information.

Biographical Information:

What's great is that any information that's added in this section will be automatically added to the decedent's case in Passare!

The family can add information in each of the four tabs highlighted below.

They'll need to Save each tab in order for the information to pull to Passare.



The family can start writing the Obituary by selecting a template option and clicking Start with this Template.

You can provide templates to help the family get started. See: How to Create an Obituary Template.


You can also write the Obituary in the decedent's case in Passare and the family will be able to see the progress in real time and Approve what you've written.


Family & Friends:

The family can also add Family & Friends.

Whatever information they add will automatically pull into Passare.

If you add Family & Friends in the decedent's case, the family will also be able to see and approve the information.


Other Essential Areas:

You may want to know your way around a few other areas of the Collaboration Center, such as Event Details, Documents, Additional Resources, and Invite Collaborators.

Event Details: 

The first is Event Details. When you add an Event in the decedent's case in Passare, the family will be able to view the Date, Time, and Location



Next is Documents. You and the family have the ability to upload files and photos to help finalize the arrangements.



You can upload Documents in Passare for the family to view, download, and sign.



All you have to do is check the box to Show in CC in the Documents section of the decedent's case.


The family can then download the forms they need to sign and upload them back into their Documents section.

They can also add Pictures to use in the Tribute Video or as the Obituary Photo.

All they need to do is Drag And Drop the files from their desktop into the Documents You Are Sharing box.


Additional Resources:

Checklists and Resources are great tools for the family to utilize before, during, and after the funeral arrangements.


Invite Collaborators:

The family can also invite additional family members to help them plan.

They'll need the person's email to get started.



From here they can add their First and Last Name, the Relationship to the decedent, and then Send the invitation. 



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