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Add Checklists to the Planning Center

Add customizable checklists to the Planning Center to keep everyone on the same page during the planning process.

How it works:

Add checklists in Passare so the family will know what to bring with them to the arrangement conference.


Make checklists viewable for the family to indicate when you've completed tasks, such as filing the death certificate.


Create Checklists in Passare:

Go to Admin > Checklist to create a new checklist or edit an existing one.


Learn more about how to Create a Checklist.


From here you can Add Checklist or Edit an existing one.


If you want the checklist to appear in the Planning Center, scroll down to Checklist Settings.

Under Checklist Editing, check the box for This checklist can be edited by Family Collaborators.

This will allow the family to to check off to do's in the Planning Center.


Under Checklist Viewing, select This checklist should appear in the Planning Center.

This option should be selected for checklists you want the family to view, such as filing the death certificate.


If you just want the family to view the checklist and not be able to check off to do's, make sure This checklist can be edited by Family Collaborators is left unchecked.


Learn more about how to Use Checklists Within Passare.


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