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Manage Planning Center notifications

Set up your preferences to receive notifications when the family makes a change in the Planning Center.

Notification preferences

First, make sure your Planning Center notifications are turned On.

Select the Bell icon at the top of the screen, then select the Gear Settings icon.


If you haven't already, toggle the Off button On next to Collaboration Activity for Text Message, Email, or Both.


If you don't have a Cell Phone Number in Passare, a notification will appear.

Select Yes to update your Profile page.  


It will redirect you to your Profile Page. Enter your Mobile Phone and Save.

Your mobile number will just be used to send notifications. It will not appear in the Planning Center for the family to see.

If you'd like to have your mobile phone number visible in the Planning Center, you can enter it under Phone.


Check your preferences again to make sure the Text Message option is turned On and Save.


Now, every time the family makes a change, you'll receive a notification via text, email, or both.

View Planning Center notifications

To view a Planning Center notification, log in to Passare and find the Decedent's Case on the Case Listing.

You'll notice an icon letting you know there's new activity.


Select the icon for a quick view.


Or open the Case and select Collaboration under Overview.

From here, you can view any information the family has added to the Planning Center and the Activity Feed, which shows who has made changes.

Once you've viewed all of the notifications, you can Mark All New Activity as Read.


IMPORTANT! Notifications will only be sent once an hour. Only the funeral director assigned to the case will be notified; the secondary arranger will not be notified.


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