Manage pre-need and inflation discounts

Reflect pre-need and inflation discounts directly onto the contract.

Add discounts

Once you've converted the case from pre-need to at-need and added all the items to the Goods & Services page, you can add a Pre-Need Discount.


If you don't have a pre-need discount on your price list, see how to Add or Edit a Price List Item or contact


Goods & Services page


The Pre-Need Discount will populate under Discounts on the contract.

Add the discount as a negative number.

Preened Discount field


If adding an Inflation Discount, add an additional Pre-Need Discount and change the name.

Again, make sure the amount is Negative.

Inflation Discount field


Always remember to Sign the contract when you're done.

Sign section

Add the insurance assignment

You'll also need to add the Insurance Assignment on the Payments & Adjustments page.

Select Add Transaction > Add Insurance Assignment With Growth.

Payments & Adjustments page


Include the Total Payment Amount, Amount Applied to the Case, and the Amount Applied to Internal Growth.

The internal growth will show on your end, but it will not be listed on the contract, invoice, or balance provided to the family.

Add Insurance Assignment with Growth fields


See how to Enter & Track Insurance Assignments for further instructions.


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