Manage the Organization Rolodex

Keep your organization's Rolodex organized and up-to-date to save you and your staff time when adding contacts in a case.

Don't see this feature? Check your Roles & Permissions settings or contact your Passare Admin to get it turned on.

Add an Entry in the Administrative Rolodex:

Go to Admin > Rolodex.

Rolodex in Admin drop-down


Select Add a Contact in the top right corner. You can select if it is a person, organization, or business.

Add a Contact button


The type of contact you're adding will determine the options under Basic Information. If you don't see what you're looking for, try another contact type to see if it's available.

For example, you might think it is a Business, but Passare categorizes it as an Organization.

Basic Information fields

Note:  You can auto generate Rolodex IDs by going to Admin > Org > Other Options and select Enable Auto-Incrementing Rolodex ID.


Fill out as much information as you can. This will save you time when adding the entry in a case.

If there is a specific person, such as a nurse or doctor associated with a hospital, you can associate them with the entry.

Contact Information fields


Tags and Notes can be used for further identification or to indicate which venue or business is preferred.

Tags and Notes sections

Save the entry and it will automatically appear as an option in the Rolodex drop-down within a case.

Manage Your Rolodex:

To manage your Rolodex, go to Admin > Rolodex.

Rolodex in Admin drop-down


You can filter by All, People, Organizations, or Businesses.

Filter even further by using Filter Contacts.

Filter Contacts button


Select the Settings Icon to Show/Hide columns that are helpful or not helpful to your organization.

Settings icon


Uncheck or Check the boxes that you want or don't want as a column.


Show/Hide Columns checkboxes

Once you have all of the columns you want, you can adjust the column spacing. 

Select the column divider and drag it in or out.

gif showing column spacing adjustment


Lastly, delete duplicate entries or contacts you don't work with anymore.

At the bottom of the page, scroll to the right and select the trash can icon for the entry you want to delete. 

Trash can icon

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