Receipt numbering

Number your receipts for payment tracking and reporting.

    Number receipts manually

    Manual numbering is the default option in Passare.

    To add the receipt number manually, select Payments & Adjustments in a case.

    Payments and Adjustments


    Select Add Transaction, and then choose Add Payments.

    click Add Transaction button, select Add Payments from drop down


    Enter the Receipt Number.

    With this option, you'll have to enter a receipt number every time you enter a payment on the Payments & Adjustments page.

    The same receipt number can also exist on more than one payment. 


    Number receipts automatically

    Enable this feature to auto-incrementally number your receipts by selecting Admin > Organization 

    On the left sidebar, select Organization > Other Options.

    Check the box next to Enable Auto-Incrementing Receipt Number and Save.

    If this checkbox is selected, receipt numbers will auto-increment and the same receipt number cannot be used on more than one payment.

    check Enable Auto-Incrementing Receipt Number box in Other Options


    When this configuration is in place, the Receipt Number will be filled in when you go to add a payment within a case.

    Tax Schedule Settings


    The Receipt Number is created using the current year, followed by an auto-incrementing sequence [YYYY]-[1-999999999].

    For example, the 1,000th payment applied for 2021 would show as 2021-1000.

    Disable auto-incrementing receipt numbering

    After turning Auto-Incrementing on, you can later disable the feature by repeating the same process [Admin > Organization > Other Options], uncheck the Enable Auto-Incrementing Receipt Number box and Save.

    If the Auto-Incrementing feature is disabled and later re-enabled, it will pick up the next receipt number in the sequence.

    For example, if the last receipt number used was 2020-101 before disabling, the next receipt number will be 2020-102 once you re-enable auto-incrementing.


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