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Schedule and share events in the Planning Center

Schedule events in Passare for the family to view and share with friends and family in the Planning Center.

Add events in Passare

Arrangement meeting

The arrangement meeting can be added on the First Call page or on the Appointments page within a case.

Appointments page within a case

Funeral service

The service can be added on the Funeral Options page within a case.

Funeral Options page within a case


Learn more about how to add events to the Funeral Options Page.


View events in the Planning Center

If you haven't added an event in Passare, nothing will appear in the Planning Center.

Your events section in Planning Center


Once you schedule the arrangement meeting or funeral service in Passare, it will appear under Your Events in the Planning Center.


scheduled services or meetings under Your events in Planning Center

Share events

To share an event, Copy event and paste it in an email, text, or on social media.

Share this event pop-up

  Add to calendar

When the recipient opens the export, a meeting invite will pop up in the family's calendar app.meeting invite pop-up for family's calendar app


  Open in Google maps

Map icon next to event


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