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How to Set Up and Navigate the ASD Dashboard

Set up your dashboard to help navigate cases that are initiated by ASD.

Once your ASD Integration is turned on by support, you will need to add a Pending Cases tab on your Dashboard.

From your Dashboard, click the Add Dashboard Tab icon.

Name the Dashboard "ASD Pending."

Next, click Add/Remove Widgets.

Select Pending Cases.

Next, go to Auto-Refresh and turn it On.

Then click Save.

When ASD answers the First Call and initiates a case, the first call information is automatically pulled from ASD and added to the Pending Cases tab on the Case Listing page.

From the Pending Cases tab, click the Review button.

In the Review box, you will be able to Create a case, Merge the case, or Delete the case.

Note: If you choose to Create or Delete the case, simply click continue and no further action is required.

When you select to Merge a case, you will have a few additional steps.

First, you will select the case to merge information with from the drop-down and then click Continue.

Review the information that does not match, select the information that you would like to keep, and click Continue.

You will be notified that the Pending case was successfully updated and can choose to either Open the Case or Close.

Repeat the same process for any remaining cases!

Need Help? Email us at support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111!

If you need assistance with MyASD or the ASD mobile app, contact ASD at 1-800-868-9950.