Assign multiple tracking codes in the Decedent Tracking app

Easily track the decedent before and after they've left the crematory with multiple tracking codes.

Adding an additional code

In the Passare App, locate the case you're tracking.

You'll see your initial tracking code under Last Tracking ID.

To add a new Tracking ID, select the pencil icon.

Pencil icon to add new tracking ID


Use the Scanner icon to scan your new code and Save!

Scanner icon to scan code


All codes will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

You can Void the previous code if it will no longer be used.

select void to void code


If you don't void the first code, you'll see a +1 next to the Tracking ID on the main screen. Click the number to see all codes associated with the case.

You will see a +1 if you don't void the first code

Code numbers

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