Store, upload, and download case files

Store Case Files in Passare! No more storing years of paper files or misplacing them on your desk. You'll have everything you need in one convenient place.

Download case files

Download one or multiple files or photos directly to your computer.

Check the boxes to the left of the file names that you want to download.

Select Download.

Download Multiple Files Screenshot

The downloaded documents will appear in your downloads.

Important!  Pop up blockers can block your downloads from appearing.  If you don't see your files, turn off the blocker for that page in your browser.

Upload case files

Open the case, and find Case Files on the right sidebar.

It's located on every page within a case!

Case files section


To upload a case file, Drag And Drop the file into the gray box.

Drag and dropping a pdf


You can also select the gray box and choose documents from your computer, laptop, or tablet.

Choose the file you want to upload and Open.

Locating a file from the desktop

Locate case files

Not only can you see the case files on the sidebar of every page within the case.

You can also locate the files under Documents > Case Files.

Here you can find all of the files you've uploaded for the case.

Case Files under documents


To make it even easier we also provide a shortcut, select the arrow to Go To Case files, from any page within a case.

Arrow to go to case files

Share case files with families

Any file you upload can also be shared with the family through the Planning Center

Check the box on the left of the file you would like to share.

Hover over the Ellipse icon icon and select Show in Planning Center.

Show in Planning Center ellipse screenshot

To share documents for the family to sign electronically, see Getting started with eSignatures.


If the family uploads documents in the Planning Center, they'll also show up under Case Files.


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