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Collaborate on the obituary

The Planning Center allows you to collaborate on the obituary so you can make sure nothing gets missed!

How it works?

Have the family start the obituary in the Planning Center and finish it in Passare or start the obituary in Passare and have the family approve it in the Planning Center.

You and the family will be able to see the changes in real time. 

Start the obituary in Passare

Write the Obituary in the decedent's case and have the family Approve it in the Planning Center.

Once the family approves they can no longer make changes in the Planning Center.

To show the obituary is complete in Passare, Lock the Obituary and sync to your website (if it integrates with Passare). 


Start the obituary in the Planning Center

In the Planning Center, the family has the ability to do the following:

  Add an obituary photo.


Pick a template or write their own.


Approve the final draft.

Once approved, the family will not be able to make any changes.



Need more information?


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