How to View & Edit Checklists Within a Case

Make adjustments to checklists within a specific case to stay organized, delegate tasks, and provide excellent service to your families.

While Passare allows you to create master checklists, you can later make changes to these checklists within a specific case. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to tailor checklists to the needs of each case.

To create a master checklist see: How to Create a Checklist.

Editing Checklists Within a Case:

Once you locate the checklist in the case you'd like to edit, you can add notes and reminders, add or edit tasks, remove tasks from your list, or mark them as complete for an up-to-date, organized list detailing who needs to do what and when.

Your checklist could appear in different locations within a case (i.e. the Case Summary Page, Checklist page, etc.) depending on the selections you chose while creating the checklist.


case summary


Mark tasks as complete by clicking the checkbox next to the task name.

Unless you selected the checklist to record manually, the system will automatically record the name, date, and time of whoever completes the task.

If you'd like to edit a task name, click the pencil icon, make the change and click the blue checkmark to update.


Editing Tasks on Specific Cases Checklist


To add tasks to a specific case's checklist, click Add New Task, enter the details, and hit Save. Click the X icon next to any task you'd like to remove.

Adding Reminders:

To add a reminder, hit the alarm icon and a box will appear (the task title will automatically appear as the Reminder Title). Add an optional description. Then select the date/time you'd like the reminder to go out, who you want it sent to, and if it should appear in the Care Center or Collaboration Center.

Once you're finished, click Save. This reminder can be viewed or edited by clicking on the alarm icon again.


Adding Notes:

Add a note to a task by clicking the speech bubble icon to Show/Hide Notes, then select Add Note.

You can tag a specific staff member or role in this note using the @ symbol. Keep in mind, if your checklist is visible to families in the Collaboration Center, your notes will be visible to families too.


Editing Tasks on Specific Cases Checklist_Add Note

Detailed History:

See a list of all changes that have been made to a checklist by scrolling down to the bottom of Checklists within a Case and clicking Detailed History


Detailed History

From here, you'll be able to always see if someone has completed, removed, or edited a task and the date they did so.


Checklist History


To print the checklist, click the printer icon at the top right of the checklists. To download the list as an Excel document, click the arrow icon .



Once you are finished making your changes, click Save. You have successfully edited a checklist within a case!

Commonly Asked Questions:

What if I want to apply my changes to every checklist rather than just a checklist within a specific case?

You won't be able to do this within a specific case. Instead, go to Admin > Checklists and click on the name of the checklist you'd like to edit. Make your desired changes and click Save to make these changes. Changes will only apply to new cases that meet the Checklist Settings criteria you select.

I set up a reminder on my checklist, but I didn't get an alert.

You might want to check your alert preferences. Take a look at How to Create Alert Preferences for Reminders & Notifications for more information.

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