How to Add Inventory to the Goods & Services Page

Track serial numbers for stored inventory and record which items are sold to each customer.

Add Inventory to the Contract:

If you add an inventory item to the contract, it will automatically adjust the Quantity for the item. If you have multiple inventory locations, the system will have you choose the location you want to pull the item from.



An icon will appear next to the line item, indicating the item was removed from inventory.



To tie a Serial Number to an item, click the icon, select the Checkbox next to the serial number you want to assign, and Save.



The Inventory Serial Numbers section on the Goods & Services page shows which serial numbers have been assigned to items on the contract.

To change a serial number, select the Pencil icon.



If you do not want the item to be removed from inventory, click on the icon > Check Not taken from inventory > Save.


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