Set up tracking locations in Passare mobile

Create and manage your list of locations for Passare's mobile tracking feature.

✋ Heads up! Before you begin, make sure you have downloaded Passare mobile.

Create a location

With Passare's mobile tracking, you can easily record and monitor the whereabouts of everything in your care. From bodies to personal items, all tracking activity starts with its locations.

To begin, tap your profile in the top-left corner. Next, select Tracking then Locations.

Access locations by clicking on profile, Tracking, then Locations

⚠️ Don't see this page? Location management is determined by roles and permissions. For help, reach out to us at or 1-800-692-5111.


To add a location, click the plus icon and select Location.

Add a location with the plus icon


Add in the location name, branch, and description. 

If you use QR codes in your mobile tracking, you can type or scan the code using the scanning tool.

Add location view with barcode scan icon


When you are finished, click Done.

💭 Keep in mind... Locations in the same branch cannot share a name or ID. 

💡 FYI: If you use the same location for multiple branches, you must add the location to each branch. 


Edit or delete a location

To edit or delete a location, tap on the location from your list and select the pencil icon.

Clicking pencil icon in a location


To edit, make necessary changes and click Done.

To delete, click Delete at the bottom of the screen.

Edit location view with delete button


If you are deleting, you will be prompted to confirm. Click Delete to finish.

Delete location confirmation


That's it! Now that your locations are set up, you can start [tracking cases.]


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