Passare Mobile Updates (beta)

Your cases should be as mobile as you are. Using Passare's new mobile application (currently in Beta testing), you can create cases and enter basic case information on-the-go.

Features available now

✅ Case listing

Navigate to a case, pin and unpin cases you are working to keep them at the top of mobile case listings view and easily-accessible.

Create & review a case

Select the case type and enter first name and last name to start a case.

Enter vital statistics information

Add basic case information such as birth date, date of death, veteran status and more.

Friends & family

Add or edit information for family members and friends.

Notes & Comments

Add a note to a case, mention other users in a note using the "@" symbol triggering a notification for user mentioned, and mark a note or comment as important.


Enable push notifications you would like to receive.

✅ FaceID login

Login option utilizing device biometrics to quickly recognize the user's face and open the app in one swift motion.

✅ Passcode login

Login option utilizing avatar selection and 6-digit personalized passcode. Ideal for shared device users or those not using FaceID,


Features coming soon

🔮 Decedent Tracking

Log tracking details of decedents in your care. Same functionality as our current Decedent Tracking app, now conveniently in Passare Mobile alongside other case details.

🔮 Item Tracking

Add details and photos of personal affects of those in your care. Similar functionality to our original Decedent Tracking app, plus more.


Recent app updates

8/22/2023 - Passcode login

New feature: Quickly login to the app with our new Passcode login. Passcode login is ideal for anyone who shares devices with their team, or just wants an alternative to Face ID.

With passcode login, you get:

  • A new, simplified login for mobile users
  • Increased security with two-step login
  • Convenient login for teams with shared devices

For more information, check out our article: Sign in to Passare Mobile


5/3/2023 - Mobile Notes feature

New feature: We released our new Mobile Notes feature! Collaborate with teammates quickly through Mobile notes.

Functionality includes:

  • Note titles, mentions, and comments
  • Mark as important feature
  • Push notifications

For more information, check out our article: Send and receive notes in Passare mobile


11/7/2022 - Mobile updates

  • We updated the Passare logo in mobile


9/22/2022 - Mobile updates

  • We updated copy on Veteran field


6/20/2022 - Mobile updates

  • We made some updates on fields to be sentence case
  • We made the History of US military service default to Yes