Outcompete Marketing Website Integration

Sync your Outcompete Marketing website with Passare to simplify your case management.

NOTE: For this integration to work properly, it is important that you are on the latest version of the Outcompete Marketing's obituary program before getting set up.

Set Up Your Integration:

Contact us to get this integration enabled!
Send us an email at support@passare.com or call (800) 692-5111

Once enabled, you'll be able to easily send information from Passare to Outcompete Marketing.

On the right-hand column under the Case Information sidebar, you'll see your available integrations.

Helpful Tips:

✔️ Information from the Vital Statistics Page, Obituary Page and Funeral Options Page will be sent to Outcompete Marketing when you Sync.

✔️ Any information updated after the Sync will not be shared with Outcompete Marketing unless another Sync occurs.

✔️Only events that are marked as Public on the Funeral Options page will be shared.

Memorial Service page

✔️ While writing the obituary, Passare will send the following default text as the obituary:

[Name] passed away on March 1, 2017.  [Name]'s loved ones are composing [Names]'s obituary, which you will be able to read here.

✔️ The full obituary will be sent to Outcompete Marketing when the Lock Obituary on the left sidebar under Planning Center is checked.

See a full list of information sent to Outcompete Marketing HERE.

Need Help?
Email us at support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111!