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QuickBooks Customer Name Options

Define QuickBooks' Customer Names using Passare's Admin Accounting settings.

    How the Name field format is defined in Passare for QuickBooks exports directly impacts how the Customer Name appears in QuickBooks. If you'd like to view or change the Name in Passare, follow these steps!

    Viewing or Changing the Export Name in Passare:

    To view, change, or create a Name on a QuickBooks report,  click Admin > Accounting.


    Select Financial Accounts > Accounting Reports, then click on the name of the existing QuickBooks report you'd like to edit. If you'd like to add a new report instead, click Add Report > QuickBooks.


    Next, click General Report Info, select the Name you'd like to show as the Customer Name in QuickBooks, and press Save. Again, whatever Name you select in Passare automatically becomes the Customer Name in QuickBooks.

    If you decide to change the "Name field format" in one QuickBooks export in Passare, you will need to change it for all Quickbooks exports. All reports have to have matching Name formats in order for them to import the same file.


    Editing Already Exported Cases:

    ✔️If you edit the "Name field format" of an existing QuickBooks export, it will not impact already-exported cases unless there are changes to the contract after the new Customer Name option is put in place. Creating a new "Name" field will create a new customer in QuickBooks.

    ✔️For example, the contract for John Smith's case is signed on 9/15/19 and is exported to QuickBooks on 9/30/19 with the Case Identifier in the "Name" field (19-0001). QuickBooks creates customer 16-0001. The funeral home admin decides to change how customer names are configured in Passare on 10/1/19, and on 10/2/19, the family comes back and makes changes to the contract. On 10/31/19, the invoices are once again exported to QuickBooks. The case now exports as John Smith-19-0001 so QuickBooks creates a new customer: John Smith-19-0001.

    ✔️Merging two accounts in QuickBooks is easy. For step-by-step instructions, click HERE.


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