QuickBooks Desktop Export and Import

Export your invoice and payments and adjustment reports out of Passare and import to QuickBooks.

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To import files you'll need to be in Single User Mode in QuickBooks. Importing .IIF files is a permission setting. An admin user can edit those permissions using the following link, Create and Manage Roles in QuickBooks Desktop.

Download QuickBooks export in Passare

To run the QuickBooks export go to System > Reports.

Select System Reports and search for QB.

Screenshot of a search run for "qb"

Select QB Invoices.

Under Start Date, check the box for Export all items up to the end date.

Under Filter Items to be Exported, select Export only unexported items.

screenshot of check export all items and export unexported


Save Configuration to create a shortcut for future exports. You’ll be prompted to name your configuration. Then Save again.

To test the configuration, you can export one case at a time. Under Case, enter the case ID or decedent name.

Once you're comfortable with the configuration, you can leave All Cases checked.

Then Run Report.

Screenshot of select case and case reference box


Follow the same steps as above for QB Payments and Adjustments report.

Once you've run both reports, you can find them in the Download Center > Download.

download report


Import IIF files into QuickBooks

Once you've downloaded the reports from Passare, open QuickBooks and select File > Utilities > Import > IIF Files.

Screenshot of select utilities, import, IIF files


If you're using the 2019 or newer versions of QuickBooks, follow the steps below. If using a previous version skip to selecting the file from downloads.


A pop-up will appear. You MUST select Import it for me. I’ll fix it later for the import to work.

Screenshot of button import for me. i'll fix it later


Select Import IIF.

Box around Import IIF


Under settings, go to This PC, select Downloads and open the Passare report you downloaded.

Screenshot of settings download menu on PC


If it imported successfully, you'll get this message.

Screenshot of success message


If you get a message that is NOT this, screenshot the message and send it along with the file you imported to support@passare.com,for us to research what caused the error.


Repeat these steps with any other files that need to be imported.  

View imported files

To view the imported files, go to Customers > Care Center in Quickbooks.

Screenshot of customers, care center


Search the customer’s last name, select the customers name, and open the Invoice.

You'll see all the items imported. 

Invoice preview screenshot


If you imported the payments and adjustments report, select Apply Credits or Receive Payments to apply the imported payment to the Invoice in QuickBooks. 

screenshot of apply credits or receive payments


If you select Apply Credits, review the payments listed and make sure the box is checked.

Select Done.

apply credits screenshot


If you select Receive Payments, review the payments listed and make sure the box is checked. Select Apply Credits.

Save & Close.

Screenshot of review payments with box around apply credits


Need Help? Email us at support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111.