Roles & Permissions FAQs

What if funeral directors have different responsibilities and should have access to different features and functions in Passare?

No problem! Admins can create Funeral Director 1, Funeral Director 2, Funeral Director 3 (etc.) and give each Role different Permissions.


Some of my employees are Funeral Directors AND Pre-need Specialists.

A "Role" in Passare is not identical to the employee's title at the funeral home. But, if they choose to, Admins can create a new Role called “Funeral Director and Pre-need Specialist” with whatever permissions they choose, and assign a User that new Role.


I don’t want Users to have access to financial Information.

Admins can remove Permissions for Reports from existing Roles or create new Roles without Reports Permissions.


I want to let our lead funeral director manage XYZ, but I don’t want them to be an Admin.

Admins can create a Role tailored to these needs, and assign this Role only to the lead funeral director(s).


I want to be able to delete Cases, but I don’t want my staff to be able to do so.

By default, only Admins can delete Cases in the new Roles & Permissions settings. Admins can add the ability to delete Cases to any Role, or create a new Role with that Permission.


Some of my staff should be able to see information in Cases but not edit that

Admins can assign “Read Only” access to different Case pages and Case types.


I want to delete a User from my organization completely and make sure they have no Permissions in my instance.

Clicking the “X” to the far right of the User’s name will remove the User from an instance. He/she will no longer be visible on the User List. You can also mark them as “inactive.” If they were assigned to a case, their name will still appear but show "inactive" to keep a record of who was involved in the case.


I want to block all other Users from editing MY cases.

The Roles & Permissions feature is designed to manage access to features and functions within the system. Passare does not currently support case-by-case Permissions.