SecurChoice Trust and the FDLIC Integration with Passare

SecurChoice Trust is a pre-need funeral funding program utilized by Pennsylvania funeral directors that is managed by FDLIC.

FDLIC policy information is pushed to Passare, which creates a pre-need case in Passare. The pre-need case can be converted to an at-need case at a later time!

SecurChoice Trusts are managed by FDLIC. Therefore, information from SecurChoice Trust contracts will be pushed to Passare.

NOTE: On the Case Listing in Passare, a SecurChoice Trust contract's Case Origin will be Funeral Directors Life!

At this time, any changes made in Passare will not be reflected on the FDLIC side. To update information on a policy, such as an address change, please contact FDLIC at 1-800-692-9515.

✨  For a full list of synced information sent from FDLIC to Passare, Click HERE.

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