Create multiple survey reports

Set up survey reports to send to families you serve.

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Report configuration


Note: These settings will need to be configured in the parent (main) organization. They won't be available in each individual organization.


To set up the report, go to Admin > Organization select Client Service Types and scroll down to Survey Report Configuration.

From here you can add a survey report and configure your columns.

To add a report, select Add report.

Survey report configuration section


Enter the report Name and Description. Check the box if you want to include cases without a client service type assigned. Save.

New report window


Then add columns.You can choose to Create new or Use existing columns.

select to create new or use an existing column under survey report configuration


New columns:

Choose the report the column will be added to. Then enter the column Name and Value.

  • Name: Is the column heading that will appear on the report.
  • Value: Is the information that will be pulled from Passare into the report column.

For example, if you want the decedent's address, you can name the column Address and select if you want just the Address or if you want to include the Address, City, State, Zip.

Be sure to Save!

New column settings


Existing columns:

Choose the report the column will be added to.

Then choose the column you want to add to the report. The value will already be filled in. Use Existing Column settings


Once you add all your columns, you can rearrange the order.

You can add as many columns and reports as you need.

Client service types

Under Client Service Types, see which types are Included in Survey Report.

Included in Survey Report column under Client Service Types


If there are any you want included, select the service type Name.

Check Yes or No for Include in survey report > Save.

Check Yes or No for Include in survey report

Price List Settings:

Once you configure the survey report, you'll want to go into your Price List and make sure the items will appear in the correct column.


Remember! You'll need to be in the parent (main) organization in order to set up these settings.


Go to Admin > Price Lists.

go to Price Lists under Admin drop down


If you know you want to include certain price list items on the report, you can Filter Items.

Filter Items button


Select a price list item and scroll down to Reports > Check the box for the corresponding category > Save.

check category box under Reports


From there, you can run your report. For more information on how to run and schedule reports, see How to Run & Schedule System Reports.

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