View tasks from the Dashboard

Manage your checklist tasks across all cases with the Tasks widget.

Add the widget

On the Dashboard, select Add Dashboard.

Add Dashboard button


Name the new Dashboard tab.

Name dashboard in dashboard settings


Under Add/Remove Widgets, select Tasks.

Tasks widget in dashboard settings


Turn on Auto-refresh to ensure the widget stays up to date with current data. You can adjust the refresh interval to 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes. Then save!

Auto-refresh setting in dashboard settings


You will see your Tasks widget as a new Dashboard tab. You will also see 3 default tabs: All tasks, Incomplete, and Complete, and a default date range.

  • All tasks shows completed and incomplete tasks for all cases created within the date range
  • Incomplete shows tasks not yet completed for all cases created within the date range
  • Complete shows completed tasks for all cases created within the date range

Task widget default tabs and date range

💡 FYI: The date range filter pictured above (named "Start Date") will pull cases based on their case created and case conversion date.


Mark tasks as complete

Marking tasks as complete is simple in the Tasks widget.

Each task has a bubble next to it. An empty bubble indicates an incomplete task, and a checked bubble indicates a completed task.

Complete/Incomplete task bubble


To mark a task as completed, click the empty bubble to fill it in with a check. After a few seconds, the task will fall off of the Incomplete tab and be added to the Completed tab.

To undo a completed task, click the filled in bubble to mark it as 'incomplete'. If the task has already moved to the Completed tab, you can do this action from there.


Navigating the widget

Keep tasks organized through filtering, sorting, searching, and downloading data.


Filter your tasks in any view using the Filter button.

Filter button on tasks widget


Use the dropdowns to select filter(s) like checklist name, funeral director, start date, and more.

To create a new tab, select Add tab. To update your existing tab, select Save.

Filter widget options

💡 FYI: New tabs will assume the same task status as the tab you are filtering from.

For example: if you filter from Incomplete tab, your new tab will default the "Incomplete" status filter, and it cannot be edited here.

Disabled filter

To select another status, we recommend starting from the "All tasks" tab.


Next, you will be prompted to name your tab and save.

Name new task widget tab


You can easily remove a filter by clicking the x in its blue tag. 

Remove filter with x icon

💡 FYI: Default filters (i.e. Incomplete tasks) cannot be removed. To create a new tab with no default filters, filter from the All tasks tab.



To view data in a specific order, sort the data by clicking on a column header. 

Click once to sort the data by that column in descending order, and twice for ascending order.

Click column header to sort tasks



Find what you need quickly with the search bar. Here, you can search by checklist, task name, branch and more.

Task widget search bar

Task widget search tooltip


Download data

You can also download the table into a CSV file by clicking the file box icon in the top right.

Download CSV icon


To view more information or add tasks, click the case name or case ID from the widget to quickly access that case.

Decedent name and Case ID links


Need additional information?

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