Troubleshoot Passare Mobile

This article will help you troubleshoot any issues in the Passare mobile app.

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App has 'expired'

Each version of the Passare beta app has a 90-day expiration date and must be updated to the newest version before the 90-day period is up. 

If you receive a notification saying "Passare Beta has expired", you will need to update TestFlight.

Passare beta app expiration notification


First, access the TestFlight app on your phone. If you are unable to locate it, you can search for it in your application store.

Select TestFlight app


Open TestFlight and update Passare Beta.

Click Update next to Passare Beta


Once the app has updated, Open the app. Then, click Start Testing.

Open the Passare Beta app in TestFlight

Select Start Testing

This will prompt you to log in to the app as normal.

To prevent this from continuing, we recommend you turn on automatic updates.


Enable automatic updates

Turning on automatic updates in the Passare Beta app ensures you are on the most updated version of our app.

To do this, go to your TestFlight app and click Passare Beta.

Open the TestFlight app

Select Passare Beta


Toggle on the option for Automatic Updates. 

Turn on the toggle for Automatic Updates

This setting will automatically save, so you can now close out of the app.



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