Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online

This article will help resolve common questions and errors when importing financials to QuickBooks Online.

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Is my QBO using account numbers?

For Passare data to import correctly to QBO, it's important that the accounting information in both systems match perfectly. Sometimes it is helpful to know if you are using account numbers or not.


To check this, go to Account and Settings and see the Enable account numbers setting. If this is On, then your account is set up for account numbers.

Enable account numbers setting in QuickBooks


If you want to use account numbers, click the pencil icon to the right, toggle on and save.

Turn on account numbers in QuickBooks


Missing account name/numbers

If you receive this error after importing, you are either missing an account name or number in Passare.

Missing account name error message


Click Fix it and assign the correct account to the item. 

Fix it button


You should receive a confirmation that the file imported successfully.

File import successful confirmation

To prevent this from continuing, contact Passare Support to ensure this account name/number is added in Passare.


Date format error

If you receive this error after importing, you will need to edit the import file you received from Passare.

Incorrect date format error message


Open the file in Excel. Then, select the Date column > right-click > Format Cells.

Click Custom and type in mm/dd/yyyy. Click OK.

Add custom format for cells in Excel

Save the file and re-import.


Sales tax name error

If you receive this error after importing, there is an issue with your Sales Tax account name.

Sales tax error message


Click Fix It. Then correct the account name and/or the tax agency name in Passare.


Accounts receivable error

If you receive this error after importing, there is an issue with the accounts receivable.

Accounts receivable error message


This means the Passare AR account does not match between Passare and QuickBooks, or it is not set up in either system. Update this in either system or learn how to set it up in QuickBooks.

Once the accounts match, clear the file and re-import.


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