Tukios website integration

Share obituary and service details with a few easy steps. Why jump around when you can use one system for all your data entry?

Tukios websites

Tukios now offers websites! "No setup fees. No monthly hosting. Just bigger flower commissions. Backed by the support team you love!" Check out their website for more information. 

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How to send info to your Tukios website

Send Vital Statistics and Service information to your Tukios website by selecting the Sync button for the Obituary (API) in the Integration Settings.

To send Obituary information:

First, select Lock Obituary in the Planning Center sidebar.

Save the page.

Then, click the Sync button for the Obituary (API) under Integration Settings.

⚠️ Sync creates a draft that must be published from your website.

🔄 Bypass this added step by contacting Tukios directly to have auto-publish switched ON. Once auto-publish is on, Passare's Sync publishes information directly to your website.

Reach Tukios Support at (801) 682-4391 or email support@tukios.com

NOTE:  After you sync, it may take up to 5 minutes to see the information on your website.

The following fields will be sent to your website:

Vital statistics

✔️ Name

✔️ Date of Birth

✔️ Date of Death

Funeral Options

✔️ Services (only Public)

Only public Services on funeral options will be sent


✔️ Obituary

✔️ Obituary Photographs (both Primary and Secondary)

✔️ Memorial Donations

Obituary page

This integration is for Tukios websites only.
It does NOT include photo sharing for memorial videos.


Need help? Email support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111!