Use checklists within a case

Stay organized and productive as a team by utilizing case checklists.

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Edit checklists

Checklists can be found on the Case Summary and/or Checklist page in the case.

Checklist status

Available checklists are listed on the left:

  • The selected checklist is indicated with a blue line to the left of the name.
  • Incomplete checklists can be disabled with the icon.
  • Complete checklists show the icon next to its name.
  • Disabled checklists can be restored using the icon.

🤔 Missing a checklist? Sometimes checklists are set to appear when certain case settings, like disposition or client service type, are first selected.

Refer to this article to learn more about checklist settings.


Editing and completing tasks

Mark tasks as complete by selecting the checkbox next to the task name. Completed tasks will be marked with a strikethrough.

Completed checklist task


To add tasks to the checklist, select Add. (It will only update for this case.)

Add task button


Add task details like name, due date, due time, owner(s), and reminder. 

Once all details are added, click Add to save.

Add task modal


Tasks will show owner(s) and due date if assigned from the modal above.

Task owners and due date in checklist


Hover your cursor to see the full owners list, if needed.

Task owners expand in checklist


Edit task details by clicking the pencil icon or delete the task altogether with the trash icon.

Edit and delete task icons

💭 FYI... Tasks cannot be deleted if marked as complete. To delete a completed task, you will first need to uncheck it.


You can also rearrange tasks by dragging the icon up or down the list to place.

Rearrange tasks


Add comments

Comment on a task by selecting the bubble icon. This icon will be blue if there are no comments, and green if there are existing comments.

Type in your comment and click Add. Mention specific staff members or role using the @ symbol.

Add and view comments on a task


Detailed history

View the checklist history by selecting History below the tasks. 

Checklist history link


History shows detailed user activity on tasks within the checklist.

Checklist history details

Print & download

To print the checklist, select the printer icon or download the list as an Excel document with the download icon.

Download and print checklist icons


Remember to always save your changes!

Commonly asked questions

What if I want to apply changes to every checklist rather than just a checklist within a specific case?

You won't be able to do this within a specific case. Instead, go to Admin > Checklists and select the name of the checklist you'd like to edit. Make your desired changes and Save. Changes will only apply to new cases.

I set up a reminder on my checklist, but I didn't get an alert...

You might want to check your alert preferences. Take a look at Manage Alert Preferences for more information.


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