Manage your profile in Passare mobile

Manage your profile and app preferences in the app.

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To begin, click your profile picture in the top-left corner.

Select profile picture

Switch organizations

At the top, you will see the name of your current organization.

Tap the Organization field. Browse or search by org name using the search bar, then select the org you want to switch to.

Passare mobile settings navigation                Switch orgs dropdown

To view the Case listing, tap off the profile menu.


Manage notifications

Passare mobile offers push notifications to help you stay up to date on activity in the app.

To configure these settings, click on the Notifications page.

Profile Settings > Notifications


On this page you can toggle push notifications on or off based on app activity.

Configure notifications setting

Once your settings are configured, click Back - the app will remember your preferences!


Manage login preferences

Sign in with Face ID

Select Security > FaceID.

Profile settings > Security   FaceID settings


Toggle to Yes if you would like to use FaceID or Face Recognition to sign in.

Click Back when you are done.

Toggle on FaceID setting

📱 Keep in mind... Your device will need to be set up for biometrics in your device settings.


Sign in with Passcode

Select Security > Passcode. 

Profile settings > Security   Select Passcode


To enable passcode, toggle to Yes.

Then create your personalized 6-digit passcode by typing it in the New field. Re-type the same code in the Confirm field.

Turn on passcode login and create passcode


Click Done to save these settings. You will receive a confirmation message if the code was successfully created.

Passcode confirmation message


Sign out

To leave the app, click Sign out at the bottom of the page. Tap Sign out once more in the confirmation message.

Once signed out, you will see the sign in page.

Passare mobile sign out button

Passare mobile sign out confirmation


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