Manage your Profile In The App

Manage your profile preferences in the app.

From your profile picture in the upper left hand of the app, you can:

Change your Organization

The box will show the name of your current organization.

To change this, select the Organization box.

Select the button next to the organization you would like to change to.

Select Done.

To get back to the Case listing, tap off the profile menu.

profile settings screenshotchange organization setting screenshot

Manage your Settings

Sign in with Face ID/Face recognition

Toggle to yes if you would like to use face ID/face recognition to sign in.

Note: You'll have to enable face ID/face recognition on your phone first.

Sign out of your app

Sign out of the app at the bottom of the page.

Once signed out, you will see the sign in page.

See the app version

You'll see App version Beta at the bottom of your screen.