How to Customize User Reports

Utilize User Reports to build a customized report for your business.

User Reports are a way to report on what is important for your business.  

To get started, go to System > Reports.


Go to User Reports > Add New Report.

Once on the Reports screen, the first thing you will want to do is Name Your Report.

From here, you will use the following tabs to customize your report:

✔️Report Builder

✔️Advanced Filtering

✔️Run Report

Report Builder:

Under Basic Filters, you will select Case Type(s), Case Status(es), Case Tags, and Branch(es).

Note: Case Status and Case Tags are identifiers unique to your organization.

See How to Add, Edit, & Delete Case Statuses and How to Add, Edit, & Delete Case Tags for more information on how to set up Statuses and Tags.


Next, you will start to Build Your Report.

Choose the Rows show results for drop-down. This signifies what each row will represent in the report (for example, by Branches, Case, or Events & Services).


Once you make your row selection, the Available Report Information will contain all the data from Passare that can be reported on in the columns of the report.

Know what data you are looking for? Utilize the Search Bar to type in information to quickly make your selections.

Click and drag the fields you would like displayed in your report into the Build & Organize Report Columns. You can also reorder your columns in this section by simply clicking, dragging, and dropping the title in the desired order.


user reports


Next, you can choose to Group, Sort, or Sum by your particular columns.

Report Description and Tags can help you search or filter your reports in the future.

Advanced Filtering:

Below is a screenshot of the different options available on the Advanced Filtering Tab.

One note to keep in mind, the Date to Filter On defaults to Case Created Date.  

The rest of the drop-downs will require you to choose a selection if desired for your report.


Run Report:

Under the Run Report tab, you can set up all report options, such as when to run the report, report format, and how the report should be delivered to you.


You can also turn on Schedule to Run Automatically, which will automate the reports that are requested frequently.

Select how often and the time you would like the report to run.


After all of your selections are made, either Save & Schedule or Save Without Running.

Once you Run the report, it will be available in the Download Center.

From the Download Center, you can Save, Download, or Email the report.


Now that your User Report is built, you can share the report with different users within your organization under the Share Options tab. Changes made to any report have to be done by the user who built the report, even if it is shared with other users.

Note:  If the permissions have been set up, General Reports can be accessed by all users, and the other reports are only accessible by those user groups that have Funeral Director, Accounting, or Admin permissions.


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