Using Pipeline with Passare

Pipeline is a powerful CRM that becomes even more useful when connected to the data you have in Passare.

How it works

Family and Friends on any signed at-need contract in Passare can be added into Pipeline as an aftercare lead. A report will automatically run every morning from the contracts that were signed the day before and send over any family and friends from those contracts. 

How to Remove a Contact from the Pipeline Export List

If you would like to remove any family or friend contacts from being exported to Pipeline, we have a way for you to mark them.

1. Go to the Family & Friends page.

2. Select the contact.

3. Open Additional information under the selected contact. When you scroll down, you'll see a checkbox called "Do not contact."

4. Check this box and be sure you Save any changes.

Select 'do not contact' checkbox

If you ever need a reminder what this preference means, hover your mouse over the information "information icon" icon.

When this box is checked, the contact will not be exported.

How to sign up

Reach out to our support team ( or call 1-800-692-5111) and they can get you started.