AI Obituary Writer

Quickly generate obituaries with the power of AI

AI Obituary Writer

The AI Obituary writer uses existing case details in Passare, including decedent and arrangement information. Once all the case information has been entered, navigate to the Obituary page.

Screenshot pointing to Obituary page.


To use the AI Obituary writing tool, click Generate AI obituary.

Note: You still have the ability to create a manual obituary using one of your existing templates.

Screenshot pointing to Generate Obituary

Click the dropdown under Obituary types to choose the tone you’d like to use.

Screenshot pointing to Obituary type


Mix and match tones to get exactly what you need. For example, choose Celebratory & Informal or Reflective & Formal.

GIF selecting obituary type


Enter additional details to be included in the Obituary prompt field. You can add things like accomplishments, high school attended, as well as hobbies and passions. You can also include instructions such as desired obituary length.

Note: You need to enter each prompt in quotation marks ( ), and separate the prompts with semicolons (;).

Screenshot of Obituary Prompt field.


Click Preview to generate the obituary.

Screenshot pointing to Preview button.


The obituary will display below the Obituary prompt field to view. If you don't get what you're looking for the first time, adjust the obituary type or edit your prompts, then click Preview to generate a new obituary. When you have the desired result, click Save.

⚠️Warning: Some facts and information might be altered by the AI. Please carefully review the obituary for any inaccuracies.

Screenshot pointing to Save button.