Batch Payments

Passare's batch payment feature allows you to enter several payments for different cases in one location rather than having to pull each individual case's Payments & Adjustments page.

    To turn on your integration, contact or call our support team at 1-800-692-5111.

    Enter Batch Payments:

    Go to System > Batch Payments.


    To create a new batch payment, select Add Batch Payment.

    To add a payment to an existing batch, select Open Batches > choose the Batch ID you'd like to add the payment to.

    You can also view previously Processed Batches and Archived Batches.

    Add a Payment:

    Search for cases you'd like to add a payment to by typing the case name into the Add a Payment to a Case.

    Select the case and choose the Payment Type for your transaction.

    For checks, credit cards, cash, or e-pay, select Payments as the Payment Type.

    Payment Type


    A pop-up will appear just like it would on the Payments & Adjustments page. Select the Payment Method, Payment Amount, Payment Date and Payer, add a Receipt Number and/or Memo if you'd like.

    Then Save.


    Continue to add additional case payments as needed by typing each case name into the Add a Payment to a Case.

    Add an Insurance Assignment:

    If you'd like to add an Insurance Assignment payment, select Payment Type > Insurance Assignment.

    Transactions can be added to a new insurance assignment or an existing pending insurance assignment, as long as it hasn't been exported through an accounting report and doesn't have a date in the Funds Received On field.

    You can't create pending insurance assignments in batch payments. Enter the details for your insurance assignment and Save.


    Unprocessed Batch:

    Once you've finished entering all of your payments for the batch, Save.

    The saved batch will automatically remain in the Open Batches tab, allowing you to add additional payments later if needed. This way, if you'd like to organize your batch payments by week (creating one batch per week, for instance), you can enter payments received later that week into the same batch.

    Transactions are editable in a batch until the batch is processed. Once the batch is processed, transactions within the batch are only editable on the case’s Payments & Adjustments page.

    To download and view all transactions and transaction details included in an unprocessed batch, select Unprocessed Batch Report.


    Processed Batch:

    To move the Open Batch to Processed Batches, select Process. On the right of each Processed Batch, you can select the to view, to download or to archive the batch.

    You can also select Processed Batch Report to download and view all transactions and transaction details included in the processed batch. 

    On the Payments & Adjustments page select the Added Via a Batch hyperlink to view the batch containing the payment and select the gear icon to edit or delete the payment, if needed.


    Commonly Asked Questions:

    What if I add a transaction to a batch for a case that's already been sent to accounting?

    If a transaction is added to a batch for a case that's already sent to accounting, the new transaction isn’t sent to accounting until the batch is processed.

    What about Automatic Add to Accounting?

    Transactions in a batch aren't automatically sent to accounting. Unless your Automatic Add to Accounting is turned On (Admin > Organization > Contract Options > Accounting Settings). If this is turned ON the transactions will be sent to accounting once the batch is processed.

    What about my Accounting Exports?

    If you have accounting software, but aren't set up to receive exports from Passare, contact us and we'd be happy to set it up for you!

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