Configure the Care Center Dashboard

Use the Care Center dashboard to keep track of embalming, cremations, and dressing and casketing that still needs to be completed.

Care Center Dashboard:

To get to the dashboard select, System > Care Center.

Filter Cases by case type, funeral director, date range, etc.

Be sure to check Cases Needing Care Center Preparation.

Once you make your selections, select Show in New Tab.

If you want to keep the tab, add a tab name and make sure to Save.

Adding Decedents to the Dashboard:

If you would like the decedent to appear on the Care Center dashboard, in the Case Information sidebar within the case, check the box for Care Center Tracking.


The decedent will remain on the Care Center dashboard until the Preparation is complete. 

Once you check Yes, the decedent will be removed from the Care Center dashboard and only appear on the Case Listing dashboard.

Note: If you would like the Care Center Tracking to be automatically checked for every case, contact or call our support team at 1-800-692-5111.

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