Edit Client Service Types

Customize the Client Service Types that appear on the Case Information sidebar.

Add Client Service Types

Go to Admin > Organization.

Organization in Admin drop-down


Select Client Service Types > Add Client Service Type.

Add Client Service Type


Enter the Name and check if you want to Include in survey report. Save.

For more information on survey reports, see how to Run & Configure Survey Reports.


If you want to delete a service type, select the trash can icon. 

Trash can icon to delete a service type


Require Client Service Types

There are 2 settings around Client Service Types. Check on the box for the setting you wish to apply.

  1. Client service type must be selected to sign the contract. 
    This will prevent users from signing the Goods & Services if there is no Client Service Type selected on the case.
  2. Client service type must be selected to add items to contract. 
    This will prevent users from building out a contract until a Client Service Type is selected on the case.


If either setting is checked on, users will receive a red error message when trying to add or sign the Goods & Services page, depending on which setting you selected.

Select client service type in Case Information sidebar

red error message



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