Create an obituary template

Do you write obituaries using a common template? Speed up the process by letting Passare auto-populate your obituaries with case information.

Create a custom obituary template

Go to Admin > Organization.

Admin > Organization


In the Admin console, select Collaboration, then Add Template.

Add Template


Name your template.

Name your template


Scroll to the Content box, and expand by dragging down the bottom edge.

Expand the content box


Next, use text and obituary tags to create the template.

Type text or select obituary tags to create the template

  • To add filler text, type directly in the textbox
  • For case-populating information, select the corresponding tag from the list above
    • The code will be placed wherever your cursor is located
  • To create paragraph spaces, type in the code <br><br>

🖐️ Remember: Decedent pronouns (he/she, his/her, etc.) should be added to the template via tags. These are available as lowercase and uppercase.



Example obituary template

When you are done, be sure to Publish and Save.

Publish and save


Need more information?


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