Customize your case listing page🎬

Customize your case listing page to easily access information that's important to you.


    The case listing page is completely customizable to each individual user and can be adjusted depending on your role. 

    Delete unnecessary columns, add new ones, or rearrange the columns.

    Under Dashboard > Case Listing Tab, select the Settings gear icon.


    A Configure Columns pop-up window will appear.


    Drag and drop the column names to rearrange the order in which the columns will appear on your case listing.

    Top to bottom will show left to right on the Case Listing page.

    To remove any unnecessary columns, select the icon.

    Configuring Case Listing Columns 6

    Add columns

    To add columns to the case listing page, type the name into the gray search field or select the + next to the column titles to see what the category includes.

    Drag and drop the column you'd like to add to the list on the right.

    This will automatically be added to the bottom of the Column list, but you can rearrange as needed.


    Adding a Column to Case Listing Page 2


    Be sure to Save.

    Your column titles will now appear in the order you arranged.

    Commonly used columns

    The columns shown below are commonly used with Funeral Homes who display their services on a monitor.

    • Case Identifier
    • Decedent Full Name
    • Decedent Date of Death
    • Case Disposition Type
    • Service Date - First
    • Service Details - First
    • Service Date - Second
    • Service Details - Second

    To enable full screen mode select the Enable Fullscreen arrow.


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