Getting started with eSignatures 2.0 🎬

Ease the stress of signing documents with our reimagined eSignatures solution. Select a document, edit it, and request signatures in a few easy steps.

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Turn on notifications

Enabling notifications will help you monitor the status of document signing.

To do this, click the bell icon at the top of Passare. Then, select the gear icon.

Gear icon inside the bell icon menu


Toggle on notifications for text, email or both. Save!

Alert preferences toggle screen

🖐️ Don't forget! If you want to be notified via text, make sure your cell phone number is entered into your Passare profile. 

Select documents for signature

Now you are ready to select and send documents for signature.

Go to the case and navigate to the eSignatures page.

eSignatures page selected in the case


Select from the dropdown which document(s) need signatures and click Add. The selected documents will list below.

Document selection dropdown

💡 FYI: The scribble icon indicates the document is already mapped for signatures. However, any document can be customized to capture signatures through our editing modal.


For any documents not listed in the dropdown, add them for one-time use through the Upload documents button. You will be prompted to browse your computer for the file.

Upload documents button


With all necessary documents added, click Get Signatures to prepare the document(s) for signing.

Get Signatures button on eSignatures page


Navigate the editing modal

The Get Signatures button redirects to the editing modal where you can customize and prepare the document before sending for signature.

eSignatures editing modal


This modal has 4 main components:

Documents toggle

Prepare multiple documents at once using the documents toggle.

Here, you can toggle between documents by clicking on the document names. Remove any document from the list by clicking the x beside it.

Document toggle function in editing modal


Drag and drop fields

Place editing fields on the document wherever a signature or editable field should be using the 
drag and drop functionality.

Drag and drop fields function in editing modal

💡 Pro Tip: Give yourself more typing room! Just resize the field by dragging its corner.


There are 5 types of fields available:

5 drag and drop field types

1. Signature and date Group 3280
This field displays a full signature, drawn or typed by the signer; signed date is optional. 

2. Initial feather-1
This field captures signed initials, drawn or typed by the signer.

3. Checkbox Icon ionic-md-checkbox-1
This field allows you to place and check a checkbox.

4. Text Icon open-text-1
This field allows you to place and type into a textbox.

5. Strikethrough Icon material-strikethrough-s-1

This field strikes through text when placed over it.

💭 Keep in mind, documents already mapped for signature in Passare will show their signature fields in this view. You cannot overlap or adjust these fields.

To make changes to these mapped fields, contact Passare Support.


Field settings

Once placed on the document, click on each field to take further action in Field settings. Each type of field requires a different action.

Signature Group 3280 and Initials feather-1 fields prompts you to choose a signer; Signature also allows you to include a sign date.

Once a signer is selected, their name or initials will appear in the field for reference.

Selecting signer on signature field


In the Signer dropdown, you also have Signature not required and Add signer options if needed.

Signature settings to show Signature not required and Add signer


Add signer will prompt a quick-add Family & Friends entry modal. When saved, the new signer will be available in the signer dropdown and listed on Family & Friends page. Contacts saved here will also be added to the Family & Friends page.

Add signer wizard


The Checkbox Icon ionic-md-checkbox-1 field lets you designate the box as "checked" or "unchecked".

Selecting checked/unchecked options for checkbox


Text Icon open-text-1 lets you type directly into the field and select font size.

Type and change font size for Text field


Strikethrough Icon material-strikethrough-s-1 lets you place, stretch, and change line color.

Add strikethrough and change color


Select an owner

What's a document owner?

The owner is the sole family member with permission to fill out the document in Planning Center. The owner must also be a signer of the document.

💡 FYI: Owners can edit information filled in by the document preparer. 

Choose owner field


Select the owner from the list of Family & friends. You can also add an owner here, or select Owner not required if there are no fields for the family to edit.

Choose owner dropdown with Family & friends

Verify and funeral director signing

When all fields are placed and edited, click Verify signers.

Verify signers button


Verify signers page allows you to fill in any missing information for those who will be signing. You can also select that person's Planning Center role.

💭 Remember... documents are signed in the Planning Center, which means all signers need a Planning Center role.  Learn more about Planning Center roles here.

Verify signers page

Planning Center role dropdown


When you're done, click Next to sign the documents as the funeral director.

Next: sign as director button


Use the checkbox to indicate which documents you are signing. 

Remember to read the Terms and Conditions before moving on!

Director signing page with Terms and Conditions

✋ Important! The owner can only edit fields if you (the director) have not signed. If the family needs to edit the document, you should bypass the FD signing portion.

To sign a document after the family has signed, visit eSignatures page > your document > Signature Details.


Click Next: review email for a final review before sending.

Next: review email button


Review the email, add a personal note, and send.

Review email page


How the family signs

The person you picked for each role will get an email inviting them to sign the form(s).

💡 FYI: The owner will be notified to edit & sign first. Once they have completed the document, other signers will then be notified to complete their portion. This is to ensure the document is not edited by others after someone has signed.


If the person doesn't have a Planning Center account, they'll be asked to create one. If they already have an account, they can log in.

From the email, they'll be taken directly to the eSignatures page within the Planning Center.

The signature status will show which forms have been signed and which ones need a signature.

eSignatures page within the Planning Center


Once they select Sign, they'll be asked to draw or type their signature.

draw or type signature


Once they select Start Signing, the family can easily add their signature to the form by clicking the yellow boxes.

There is a counter in the top-left corner showing how many signatures are left to sign.

Once all signatures have been added, they'll be able to select Finish

gif showing signing within a form


They'll check the box to agree to the Terms and Finish signing.

Finish signing page


Once they Sign and Submit they'll be able to download the signed document or close.

Signed and Sent notification box


As soon as the forms have been submitted, the assigned funeral director will receive a notification via email and/or Passare.

Manage signatures

After you have sent forms for signatures, you can track its status from the eSignatures page. 

The document's status will show as Awaiting signatures or Completed, depending on if the family has signed or not.

eSignatures page showing signature statuses

💡 Pro Tip: Track eSignature statuses for all cases on the Dashboard. Check out this article to see how.


To cancel a signature request, click the ellipsis next to the document and select Cancel signature request. 

Option to cancel signature request


To resend a request, go to the same ellipsis menu and select View details. Click Resend Email.

Option to resend email to signer


If you turned on notifications, you will receive a text or email whenever a document is signed, showing the current signature status.

Signature email notification to director



Q: How can I ensure the integrity of my signed document?
A: We have taken several measures to make sure documents are secure through the signing process.

  • You can download the latest version of a signed form at any time.

  • All versions of forms are safely stored and accessible upon request.

  • We have an optional setting to print the IP address of the signer directly underneath each signature on the document.

  • We have limited document editing to the document preparer (director/staff) and owner (family member).

Q: How do I turn on/off IP address stamps for eSignatures?
A: Printing IP addresses under each signature is one way to ensure the signature's validity, but you may not want them directly on the document.

You can turn this setting on/off under Admin > Organization > Planning Center > eSignatures.


You can still print IP address information separately for a completed document by clicking the ellipsis icon > View Details > download.


Q: Will my eSignatures Dashboard widget update?
A: Yes! The eSignatures Dashboard widget will reflect the current eSignatures version you are using.

Just keep in mind that, before switching from eSignatures 1.0 to eSignatures 2.0, any documents with awaiting signatures will need to be canceled first and resent through the new version.


Need additional information?

Need help? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111!