Create a custom form or template

Do you have a specific form you would like to access in Passare? You have the flexibility to create and format content that's important to you.

    As with most features in Passare, Document management will depend on User permissions.  Don't have access?  Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111.

    Preparing a form or template for use in Passare can be done in three easy steps

    Step 1: Creating a form or template

    Documents can be created and uploaded in two formats: DocX (the most current version of Microsoft Word) or Fillable PDF (Adobe Acrobat Pro).


    Note: We recommend using Word whenever possible as the template can be edited a little easier.

    • On your document, add Tags in places that you want information from Passare to populate.
    • For DocX, tags have the format [%TAGS%] and follow a few rules: they need to be in ALL CAPS and should be as specific as possible.
    • For example, check out the Clothing and Cosmetic Instruction Template below with Name of Deceased and Case # with Tags.

    Clothing and Cosmetic Instruction Template

    Fillable PDF (Adobe Pro Subscription Required):

    Note: We recommend using Fillable PDF if a template has a lot of checkboxes or templates that you would like to capture an electronic signature on.

    • Create a template in PDF files by using Form Tools.
    • Each field should be named to identify what information from Passare will be used to populate the template. (The Tag format and rules required in Word are not required in PDF.)
    • You can add digital signature lines to PDF files if desired. 

    Tip: Because DocX is easier to use, we recommend creating the document in DocX first and then converting it to a PDF.

    Step 2: Upload the form or template

    Once your document is ready, go to Admin > Documents.

    Click Add New Template and select Template.

    Add New Template button drop-down

    Next, you will Name your Template and Upload Template and then Create.

    New Template fields

      Step 3: Configure, map, and publish


      After you select Create, you will configure the form on the Templates Preview & Settings.

      The following fields are required:

      • Whether it is published.
      • What kind of Case Types the document appears on.
      • What category the document appears in on the Templates page of a Case.

      Template Preview & Settings


      Next, Map your form. In other words, you will tell Passare what information you want in each field on your form.

      Tip:  The drop-down menu provides all of the Passare fields available to choose from.

      For our example of the Clothing and Cosmetic Template, the Field Name DECENAME and CASEID are ready to be mapped.

      Select the Mapping drop-down to see all of the options and click the desired information.

      Mapping drop-down

      Once the Field names are mapped, click Save!

      Troubleshooting tips:

      I tried to Upload a new Word form and I got an error.

      Make sure you are using .docx, not .doc files

      I printed a preview and I see a tag in my form.

      The system only recognizes proper tag format: check that there are no spaces between characters and no special characters inside the tag.

      I uploaded a PDF and canโ€™t find one or more of the fields I added.

      Avoid punctuation and special characters when naming fields in PDF files.


      Need help? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111.