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Connect your personal calendar to Passare! Events added in Passare will now be viewable in the calendar app you use every day.

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Connect Your Calendar:

To connect your Passare to your personal calendar, select System > Calendar.

select system in toolbar, select calendar from drop down


Then select Connect your calendar.

select "Connect your calendar"


This will open a pop-up window. You'll want to select Copy URL to paste it into your calendar app.

Once you Copy URL, you can Close the window.

select green box "Copy URL"


From here, you'll want open your Calendar App.

Below, we'll show you how to connect to Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar.

If you don't use any of these for your calendar app, that's fine! The URL will work with any iCal supported calendar.


Open your Outlook calendar.

Select Add calendar. Then select Subscribe from web.

Paste the URL you copied from Passare. 

Add a Calendar Name and select Import. 

gif showing steps for Outlook: add calendar, subscribe from web, paste URL, add calendar name, select import.


It will show on your mobile app as well.

Passare calendar shown on mobile app


If you ever need to Remove the connection, hover over the Passare calendar.

Select the three dots > Remove > and Delete.

remove connection by hovering over three dots, select remove, select delete


If you're using Outlook's web application, you may experience synchronization issues. Read more about the synchronization issues and how to resolve them


Open your iCloud Calendar app.

Select File > New Calendar Subscription.

Paste the URL you copied from Passare and Subscribe. 

gif for iCloud calendar: select file, select new calendar subscription, paste URL and select subscribe


It will show on your mobile app as well.

If you ever need to Remove the connection, right click on the calendar and Unsubscribe.

right click on calendar and select unsubscribe to remove connection

Google Calendar:

Open your Google Calendar.

Select the + next to Other calendars. Then select From URL.

Paste the URL you copied from Passare and select Add calendar.


gif showing how to connect to google calendar


It will show on your mobile app as well.

Google calendar mobile app view


If you ever need to Remove the connection, you can hover over the Passare calendar. 

Select the X and Remove calendar.

image showing how to remove calendar on Google



Google has a 12-hour sync time when connecting to their calendar app. That means it may take up to 12 hours before you see the Passare event on your Google calendar.


That's it! Your personal calendar is now connected to Passare.

✔️ Any event moving forward that has a Date selected in Passare will now appear on your calendar app on your phone or computer.

✔️ If you need to edit or change the event, you'll need to make the changes in Passare.

✔️ No need to reconnect! Any changes made in Passare will automatically update on your calendar app.

Connect Your iPhone or iPad:

Login to Passare on your iPhone or iPad.

Copy the URL.

green "Copy URL" box


Open your Settings app.

Select Calendar > Accounts 

Under the Accounts section, select Add Account.

Select Calendar, select Accounts, select Add Account


Select Other.

Under Calendars, select Add Subscribed Calendar.

Tap and hold the field to Paste the URL into Server.

Select "Other", select "Add Subscribed Calendar", Paste URL into "Server"


Select Next.

Use the Description field to give the calendar an easily recognizable name.

Enter a server username and password if required (most users will be able to skip this step).


Remove Calendar Connection:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Select Accounts & Passwords. (Older versions may say Passwords & Accounts). 

Select Subscribed Calendars.

select "subscribed calendars"


Select the calendar subscription you want to remove.

select "Passare Calendar"


Delete Account.

select "Delete Account"


Don't use an iPhone?

Try downloading the One Calendar app to connect to any calendar.

Or connect using one of the options above to view the Passare calendar on your mobile app.

Export Individual Events:

If you don't want all of your Passare events to connect to your calendar, you can export them individually.

Case Related Events:

For case related events, select the Event and Export event.

Select event, then select export event


A file download will appear. Open the file.

open the file and select OK


This will open the event in your calendar app. 

image showing the event in the calendar app


Non-Case Related Events:

For non-case related events, select the Event.

select non-case related event in calendar


A pop-up window will appear. Select Export event.

select export event in pop-up window in top right corner 


A file download will appear. Open the file.

open the file


This will open the event in your calendar app. 

✔️ If you make any changes in Passare to an event that was exported individually, you'll need to re-export the event for the changes to appear on your calendar app.

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